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I Only Write for Products I Own and Believe In

My job is to make your life easier choosing products that are there to help you. I've done the research and testing so you don't have to.

Casio DW-5600E


The Best Quality, Low-Cost, Most Versatile Son-of-a B Out There

      I looked around for months at watches anywhere and everywhere I could.  For the longest time I thought I'd like something a little fancy. I wasn't going to break the bank, but I was willing to spend up to $200. What I came to find out is that in the watch world this means absolutely nothing, but to me that's what I could do.


     After combing through watch after watch I came to learn there's really only a few brands in the watch world that get respect. The reason being; the company had been around for a long time, built a quality watch with good materials and therefore kept up a good reputation. According to the internet, anything outside the top brands are typically rubbish. I say typically because I know there are probably those outliers, but I wasn't going experimenting. I have an active lifestyle, I enjoy working out, I get dirty, I work with my hands, I get a little dressed up to go out for an evening, (jeans, a nice sweater, boots), but I am not the kind of guy that needs, or wants, to look like he just got off the executive floor at a hedge fund. Suits are uncomfortable let's face it.    


      I originally pulled the trigger on a Seiko Chronograph watch I found on sale. I liked the idea of a watch with more functionality than just the classic dial, and would use the chronographic function for stopwatch tasks. I have a procrastination personality, but if I'm put into a self-imposed time-crunch, I tend to churn the butter a little faster and smoother. I thought if I could get a watch that I could use in most aspects of my lifestyle, that'd get two birds stoned at once.​​ Or get them all high. 

      Something was off though, I could feel it as soon as I pulled the trigger. Something like when the hell would this flashy watch fit me in a gym, in the mud, in the woods, on a hike, at a campsite. And while I'm not doing these things 24/7, I like to at least pretend that I do. This Seiko had to go back.

     After some re-evaluation, I stumbled into the Casio brand. Of course, I had this watch as a kid in the 90's. I mean, this was the watch to have. I remember this specifically because it would go off everyday in language class and I could never figure out which was the alarm setting and which was the hour chime. Still can't. 

     BUT, that being said, it has every function I could possibly want on here. There's an Alarm (capable of 4 different alarm times, although, I don't find this so practical, one is enough for me), Timer, and Stop Watch. In addition to the time, the main screen displays the day of the week, the date, and ability to see if you have an alarm set or hourly chime. 

      And one of the best parts, it was only $50. 

      I could absolutely destroy this watch with no remorse, and even if I tried, I still wouldn't be able to destroy this thing. This watch is capable of being run over by an 18 wheeler. That's not a figure of speech, they actually did that.  I prefer a tool over a statement, and so this was it. I've had it now close to a year and use it as my everyday watch. It fits every outfit, exception being a suit of course, and goes great, for myself, in most every occasion I find myself in. My ONLY complaint about this watch is the recessed Adjust button in the top left corner. It's the only button that's recessed to the point where it can be a total pain in the ass to access quickly. I think the thought was to make sure people avoided mistakenly hitting it during activity. It's not a bad idea, but when you need to reset the Stop Watch, or adjust the time on the Timer for everyday use it could definitely be easier. But the pros far outweigh the con of the adjust button. So, for $50 you just cannot beat this watch. 

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