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Projected to Extraterrestrial Spacecraft

I made this post for the group r/AstralProjection on Reddit.

I’ve been sitting on this for over 2 years now. I have relayed this to close friends and some family, but never anywhere else. Having sat on this I have had time to reflect on it, and in doing so, I truly believe this was as real of an experience as I could have in the physical existence in which we live. Forgive me if I’m focusing on transcendental meditation where I should perhaps use astral projection terminology, but I believe a lot of these techniques overlap and co-exist. 

To give some background, throughout my childhood and into my adult life I have done meditation more or less on and off. I have bouts of doing it daily for weeks on end, to not doing it all for long periods of time. In my older age, my mediations are mostly chakra based. I have done this because I find myself very grounded after a session of it and I feel a sense of unfolding happening in my life instead of grasping for things to happen throughout the day.

When I was around 8 years old, I had my first “meditation”. I believe I tried emulating what I had seen someone do on television or in a movie, but I remember feeling wonderful afterwards. I got older and looked into meditation more. At 14 I had my first out of body experience during a meditation where I left my physical body, went out the window across the backyard, and was able to view and experience myself from a distance. Looking back, although I did believe this was happening, there was always a part of me that was a little skeptical about it. I think I was skeptical because in the physical world in which we live, some people will say this “isn’t possible” or at least that’s what I was lead to believe. As I got older and into my 20’s I would have meditation sessions where I felt I could go places and see things but briefly. I later learned this is referred to as remote viewing. I didn’t know this until now, in my 30’s. 

Now, to the experience as of most recent, 2 years ago. In the couple of weeks before my experience happened, I had found an interest in David Lynch, his work, and his interest in Transcendental Meditation. Having spent most of my life doing chakra meditation, I thought I would try Transcendental to see what, if anything, I would learn from it. 

From David’s experience with it, he recommended doing two sessions a day at a length of twenty minutes each. I decided to start there and see if I would like to alter it later down the line.

For a couple of weeks I did this, and each time I did it, I would find myself more quickly and easily leaving that mental thought plane and diving deeper within myself to a state of “nothingness”. In this state of nothingness, I began having clear and vivid visions most times I would do this, and I would leave a state of meditation feeling deeply impacted by what would happen or what I came across. I learned to go into a meditation without any preconceived notions about what would be presented or what would happen. In the early start of doing this, I would put effort into reaching this “nothingness” which would inevitably leave me battling against myself. As time would go on, I learned to let go more and more each time and whatever happened would be ok. Sometimes this would leave me having profound visions or experiences, and sometimes I would leave meditation having had no experiences. 

As for the following experience, It was around noon on a weekday morning that I went into this transcendental meditation. I work from home by myself so I have a good deal of peace when I do this. I wear earplugs as sounds tend to disrupt or take me out of it. This day I went deep and was able to get to the “nothingness” with relative ease. Time feels like it doesn’t exist in there, but I do think I was in that state for a decent duration.

 I eventually got this feeling that something was, in a far distance, off to the right side of my consciousness. It wasn’t to the right of my physical body, it was off on the right side of this nothingness, is probably the best way I can explain it. I didn’t want to force anything or try to make something happen, so I let it sit there. Perhaps it would go away. 

After what felt like minutes, it didn’t go away. If anything, curiosity kept growing about this thing, eventually leading to a feeling of needing to understand what it was. 

I’ll do my best to explain this, but please bear with me. I tried to “turn” to see it. When I say turn, I mean in that space of nothingness, I tried to turn like we understand it on our plane of existence. I wasn’t turning physically with my body in this meditation but in this space of nothingness, it was like turning your consciousness to bring a physical reality into your field of view perhaps. It wouldn’t work. And each time I attempted to do it, I ended up pushing this thing, whatever it was, further and further away from me. I stopped trying. And then something came over me; an understanding of some sorts that I wasn’t in the physical plane of existence as we understand it, and I should instead try to shift this entire outside reality into the front of my view. I essentially did the opposite of what we as humans understand. Instead of “turning” to something, I shifted the entire outside reality into the front of my field of view while staying in place. Without effort. I hope that makes some kind of sense, makes me feel a little nutty but that’s the best way I can explain it. 

As soon as I shifted reality to the front of my vision/consciousness I noticed that the thing was a glowing orb/pin of light  far off in the straight ahead distance. I wanted to get closer, so I repeated the process of what I had found, shifting this outer reality towards “me”. I got closer, and now what was once a pin of light, was actually a ring of light. It was glowing bright, white in color that had streaks of other colors. Almost like all colors were blending together to make this bright white ring. I needed to get closer. I repeated the process of shifting outside reality closer until now I was up against the ring. And that’s when it really hit me. I was floating in space outside of a spaceship. The middle of the ring was like a big open window. Inside were three beings.

First, these beings were not like the little green extraterrestrials/aliens that are depicted in drawings or hollywood movies. They were oddly not too dissimilar to us human beings. They seemed very similar in height, perhaps taller, and wore a uniform or outfit of some sorts that covered them from neck to toe of a white thin material of one piece. Their faces were not too unlike ours, in fact they were oddly similar. However, they did have slightly bigger eyes that were fully black lacking whites in them, and smaller noses. Their skin color was white in the same nature we have white human beings, but lacked a tanning nature. They weren’t bald. They had hair, but it was very light colored, leaning more towards blonde-ish, not long, not short, mostly medium-length and somewhat curly.

 One of them was sitting/leaning back in a chair not unlike one you would find at a dentist’s office, facing towards this “window”. Another one, from my perspective, stood off to the back right of the chair and was using what I can only relay as a thin stick, around 10 inches long, that it was waving next to the head of the one that was in the chair. A third one was standing, from my perspective, to the left of the one in the chair looking down at him. I don’t have an understanding of what the one on the back right of the chair was doing with the stick to the one in the chair, but it seemed like they were maybe using this stick as some sort of probing device to capture an internal look or an understanding of what was inside his head. It wasn’t inserted into his head, it was just slowly waved up and down a small area of the side of his head with the pointy end. The internals of the rest of the craft they were in are fuzzy to me. Nothing stood out to the point of catching my attention besides the stick. It was bright in there to the point I could make out clearly being able to see them, but at no point did something around or behind distract me from these beings.

  As soon as I saw them, and I mean within what I think of as a second or two, they all turned to look at “me”. They immediately stopped what they were doing and just stared at me. All three of them at the same time. In that moment that they stopped to look at me, I never felt a sense of threat or alarm from them. They didn’t even seem too surprised either. It’s like this wasn’t the first time this has happened, or they’d seen this before, but it was enough to stop them immediately and look at “me.” I picked up something briefly that I thought they maybe felt along a human understanding of “wow, they actually made it here.” Kind of like they were a touch surprised a consciousness of this level could understand how to do something like this. The thought of trying to communicate in whatever way I could in this state didn’t even come up. Staring at each other lasted what I can only equate to seconds. I also use the word staring because it didn’t feel like looking. All three locked onto “me” and we didn’t break this connection.

In this next moment, something, or someone in their form of consciousness came up beside me to my left on the outside of this spacecraft. It was a fiery, happy, red energy that essentially gave off an energy or feeling that I interpreted as “holy shit can you believe this is happening?!” As soon as I picked up on that, that consciousness/thing zoomed off to the left and disappeared. It was like it couldn’t handle being able to stay in place because of the excitement that ran through it. This made me realize for the first time being in this experience that this was as real an experience as one in physical reality that we understand. I immediately fed off that other thing/persons excitement which jump-started my nervous system and heart rate and I was immediately sucked back into my body. I didn’t even have a moment that I could look back into the ship at the beings before I was pulled away. 

It has been around 2 years now. I do chakra meditation, but I have not gone back to doing transcendental meditation. You may be thinking why the hell not!? I know I would be thinking that if I heard this had happened to someone. It was such a crazy experience for me that I find myself having a hard time wanting to go into that “nothingness” again. This experience was so real for me that 2 years later it’s always on my mind. I do believe there is so much out there we don’t understand and don’t know. By no means am I trying to discourage people to explore this and anything else they want. I hope we as humans can get a deeper understanding about ourselves and the universe we live in. I plan on returning to transcendental meditation at some point. In the interim, I hope this maybe is something that’s been had by someone else.


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